Hidayat Heydarov became the European Champion for the 3rd time - PHOTO

4 November 2023 20:04
Hidayat Heydarov became the European Champion for the 3rd time - PHOTO

The European Judo Championship continues in Montpellier, France.

Idman.biz informs that on the second day of the competition, 3 more athletes of the Azerbaijan national team joined the fight. Among them, Hidayat Heydarov won the title of European Champion for the third time.

European Championship
73 kg

The European Champion Hidayat Heydarov wrestled Belgian Abdul Malik Umayev in the 1/16 finals. Heydarov won. He tested his strength against Ksaveri Morpa (Poland) in his second match. He qualified for the 1/4 finals by recording this fight as well. The Azerbaijani representative continued the successful series in the next stage. Hidayat won a convincing victory over Daniel Jegede. The judoka clarified his relationship with Petru Pelivan from Moldova in the semi-finals and defeated this opponent as well.

As a result, Heydarov qualified for the final of the European Championship for the 4th time. He fought in a decisive match with the Spanish Salvador Cazes Roca and was awarded the title of the strongest of the continent for the 3rd time. The judoka previously won the gold medal of the European Championship in Warsaw in 2017 and in Sofia in 2022 and stepped on the top of the victory podium.

Unlike Heydarov, Rashid Mammadaliyev joined the competition from the 1/32 final. He judoka faced Turpal Djoukaev (Finland) at the start. Mammadaliyev, who won, faced Georgian Lasha Shavdatashvili in his second match. Rashid was upset by the defeat and ended his performance in the Championship.

81 kg
Zelim Tckaev met Oskari Makinen (Finland) in the 1/32 final and won. He eliminated the Austrian Shamil Borchashvili in the second test. Tckaev's opponent in the 1/8 finals was Dominik Ressel (Germany). Unfortunately, the Azerbaijani athlete could not continue the successful streak. Since the opponent won, Zelim said goodbye to the competition.

It should be noted that the Azerbaijani team went to the World Championship, which will end on November 5, with 9 male and 2 female judokas in 9 weight categories. On the first day, 5 of them finished the competition without a prize.

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