Yashar Najafov: "Everyone is my opponent"

23 October 2023 20:36
Yashar Najafov: "Everyone is my opponent"

"I started judo when I was 9 years old. At that time, when Elnur Mammadli became the Olympic Champion, I became interested in this sport."

Idman.biz reports that Azerbaijani judoka Yashar Najafov (66 kg) told the official website of the International Judo Federation.

In a video report about him, he revealed the names of his friends and judokas: "I mostly watch Japanese judokas. Their technique and tactics are better. My closest friends are Balabay Aghayev and Murad Fatiyev. I spend most of my time with these 2 judokas. Because I know them since childhood."

He said that his favorite movie is "Unbroken" and his favorite food is "Julien".

Yashar wants to start a small business after finishing his judo career. He also talked about his competitors and his most successful competition at 66 kg: "There is a lot of competition in this weight class. There are enough competitors. That's why I can't tell anyone's name. Everyone is a competitor for me. The most memorable event was my 1st medal. Last year I won a silver medal in Tel Aviv. Success continued after that."

Yasar also gave advice to newcomers to judo: "Judo is a way of life for me. I have learned a lot since coming to this sport. My worldview has increased, I have made new friends, and I have new friends from foreign countries. Well, I do judo. My advice to young athletes is to be disciplined and persevere in their training. They should listen to their parents and teachers."

It should be noted that Yashar Najafov recently won a gold medal at the Grand Slam Tournament held in Baku this year.

Emin Aga