AJF strategy for 2024-2028 - important DECISIONS at the conference - PHOTO

20 April 2024 21:34
AJF strategy for 2024-2028 - important DECISIONS at the conference - PHOTO

The next Conference of Azerbaijan Judo Federation (AJF) was held.

Idman.biz reports that the meeting was attended by Minister of Youth and Sports Farid Gayibov, AJF President Rashad Nabiyev, Conference members and other officials. The conference started with the singing of the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In his opening speech, Nabiyev stated that the main goal of the federation is the comprehensive development and popularization of judo, and emphasized that during the past period, the number of people practicing judo in the country increased by more than 50% and exceeded 18,000 people. He noted that the number of female athletes has increased in particular.

The president of the federation said that the high level of training of athletes at the level of clubs and national teams is primarily related to the improvement of the quality of coaching in the country. In this regard, the work done in this direction as a result of mutual cooperation with the Academy of the International Judo Federation is of great importance.

He emphasized that the comprehensive support given to sports, including judo, by the country's leadership is the foundation of the achieved successes.

In his speech, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Farid Gayibov, positively evaluated the activities of the Azerbaijan Judo Federation in recent years, and noted the work done in the direction of popularizing judo, especially the organization of competitions in a form that meets international standards.

Later, according to the agenda of the meeting, the activity report for 2022-2023 was presented by AJF Secretary General Rashad Rasullu. The report was approved by the Conference members.

AJF's strategy for 2024-2028 was presented to the meeting participants and accepted by voting. In addition, the Federation's Charter in the 5th edition was approved.

It was reported that Ragif Abbasov applied for premature termination of his job in the AJF Executive Committee. Rashad Rasullu's candidacy for membership of the Executive Committee was presented and accepted instead.

Rashad Rasullu was proposed to be elected the executive vice-president of AJF, and he was approved for this position by the members of the Federation.

Then voting was held for the selection of the members and chairman of the AJF Control-Inspection Committee. Mevlud Miraliyev, Laman Karimli and Orkhan Asadov were approved as members of the Committee, and Mevlud Miraliyev was appointed the chairman of the Committee by the Conference.