Rashad Rasullu: "Eljan Hajiyev is disappointed with his decision" - VIDEO

8 February 2024 16:09
Rashad Rasullu: "Eljan Hajiyev is disappointed with his decision" - VIDEO

"Eljan Hajiyev spent the second half of last year with injuries. That's why he couldn't train at full strength."

This was said by Rashad Rasullu, the general secretary of the Azerbaijan Judo Federation, who was a guest of the Idman Bizde program.
He said that Eljan Hajiyev (90 kg), who finished the first 2 competitions of the year with a medal, wasted the last year due to injury: "After recovering from injuries, he joined a training camp in Japan. Eljan is recovering his previous form. I think he shifted his weight a little late. We advised him to go from 81 kg to 90 kg. This was about 2 years ago. I think he now regrets the decision he made at that time. She is upset that she didn't get to that weight sooner. Eljan has a very strong character. For him, a Japanese or Georgian athlete does not matter. He goes out on the tatami and does his best. He is still 21 years old. In the future, everything is in his hands."

It should be noted that Hajiyev won a bronze medal in the first competition of the year, the Portuguese Grand Prix, and then a silver medal in the French Grand Slam.

Emin Aga