Elkhan Mammadov’s victory in the World Championship was a decade ago

31 August 2023 17:10
Elkhan Mammadov’s victory in the World Championship was a decade ago

It has been ten years since Elkhan Mammadov won the gold medal at the World Championship, and it is not only the peak of his leadership, but also a significant event for Azerbaijani judo.

On August 31, 2013, E. Mammadov won the World Champion title in Rio de Janeiro. This historical achievement was the first time that the national flag of Azerbaijan was played at the World Championship and waved at the highest heights.

Azerbaijan’s first and still World Champion Elkhan Mammadov is a combination of perseverance, humility and courage. He always felt joy in the success of his friends, as they can be seen from everywhere and have certain achievements by overcoming what comes in front of them.

E. Mammadov recalls the incident and says:

"It’s been ten years since I won the world champion title. His day remains indelible in my memory. Age is advancing and despite the opinion that I should say goodbye to elite sports, at the age of 31 I reached the peak of my sports career and became the World champion. I told everyone that age does not play any important role. An athlete can stay in good shape in the field of perseverance, mental strength, discipline.

It was very beautiful and honorable for my day, for the first time in the history of the world, the flag of Azerbaijan was flown at the World Championship. Although I have been awarded several times in international tournaments, the World Championship was different."

Elkhan Mammadov continues his path with determination. Currently, he works as the head of the youth national team and helps to train young people as high-level players every day:

"Judo is my life. I am now continuing my career as a trainer . I prepare together with each participant to join each tournament. I share all my knowledge and experience with my students."

Elkhan Mammadov, who guides the younger generation to victory, shares his experience on the road to success:

"I tell young people about the path to success. No matter how difficult this path is, it is an honorable path, and the difficult end is victory. I try to help young people improve, discipline and become mentally and physically strong. Judo is not only a sport, but also a way of life."

If we look at E. Mammadov’s sports career, he won a bronze medal at the World Championship in Tokyo in 2010, except for what he said in 2013. He won the gold of the European Championship in 2017, the silver of the 2008 championship, the bronze medalist of 2009 and 2010.