Fábio Luis Ramim wants to return to Azerbaijan

24 June 2024 11:26
Fábio Luis Ramim wants to return to Azerbaijan

"I used to offer some football players to Azerbaijani clubs, but now I don't. I am currently trying to improve my coaching level."

Fabio Luis Ramim, former football player of the Azerbaijan national team, gave an interview to Idman.biz.

The nationalized 43-year-old Brazilian continues his career as a coach. Ramim, who works at Internacional de Bebedouro, teaches football secrets to youths under 17 and 20.

As per his statement, although he left Azerbaijan for some time, he always recalls: "I miss Azerbaijan very much. I was very respected in your country. I work harder every day so that maybe one day I will return to Azerbaijan as a coach."

Fabio Luis Ramim performed at MKT-Araz, Baku and AZAL, which have already gone down in history in Azerbaijan. He scored 4 goals in 16 games in which he appeared with the Azerbaijan national team jersey.

Emin Aga