EURO-2024: STRICT PROHIBITIONS in the national team

14 June 2024 17:49
EURO-2024: STRICT PROHIBITIONS in the national team

Strict rules will be applied to the Italian national team during EURO-2024.

As reports, the decision was made by head coach Luciano Spalletti.

The use of mobile phones by football players is strictly restricted. National members can only use the phone before lunch and dinner. The use of mobile devices during massages and meetings is completely prohibited. Team members are also prohibited from using headphones.

Although players are allowed to play Sony PlayStation, there are restrictions. It is possible to have fun only in the game room and not later than midnight. Jokes and laughter should not exceed the limits and should not disturb the concentration of the team.

It should be noted that the EURO-2024 held in Germany will start today and the competition will continue until July 14.