Slovakian coach: "Azerbaijan have players with technical skills"

7 June 2024 09:49
Slovakian coach: "Azerbaijan have players with technical skills"

"We can prepare as we want. Our team had the opportunity to prepare for the meeting with Azerbaijan with a full team."

As reports, this was said by Tibor Goljan, the coach of the Slovakian under-21 football team.

The head coach's assistant expressed his opinion about today's friendly match with the Azerbaijan national team: "Only Dominik Veselovski has a small muscle problem. We decided that he should undergo individual training. We want to prepare him for the second game against Moldova. All the players except him are in good health. our goal in the match is to play well and win a result. Although there are friendly matches, we definitely want to win the game against Azerbaijan and Moldova."

The expert said that they will be careful in defense in the match where they will play mainly in attack: "During the preparation process, we focused more on attack. It's similar to the match we played against Malta in March. Azerbaijan plays with 5-4-1 system. Of course, they can try another option. But we expect them to play deep defense. That's why we have to play quickly and correctly, use gaps. We also have to be careful in defending after losing the ball. Azerbaijan also have quality and technical football players.

It should be noted that the Slovakia-Azerbaijan game will be held in Bratislava.