Rashad Sadigov: "We want to be a happy party"

1 June 2024 17:50
Rashad Sadigov: "We want to be a happy party"

"It is the last game of the season. We are in a festive mood at the cup final."

Idman.biz reports that it was said by the head coach of Zire Rashad Sadigov.

He expressed his thoughts at the press conference dedicated to the final match of the Azerbaijan Cup with Qarabag tomorrow: "We are glad that we will be a part of this celebration. I also see that tickets are selling fast. Fans are interested in the game. We will meet Qarabag for the second time in the final. For the first time, the opponent won in the penalty shootout. We would like to witness an interesting fight this time as well. He is a serious competitor. We want to be the happy party at the end. It's always difficult for me to talk before a game. But we want to win a worthy victory."

It should be noted that the final match will be held at "Liv Bona Dea Arena" at 20.00.

Banuchichek Huseynli