Coshqun Diniyev’s post gets him into trouble - VIDEO

30 May 2024 17:42
Coshqun Diniyev’s post gets him into trouble - VIDEO

"There are 2 reasons why Coshqun remains in reserve."

This was said by Shahin Diniyev, the guest of Idman Bizde.

The 57-year-old specialist explained the reasons why his son Coshqun often remained on the reserve in the middle of the season in the Turkish club Umraniyespor: "After returning from the national team, he got injured. He wasted 2 weeks. Another reason was the appointment of coach Mustafa Gursel, who brought Coshqun to the club, to Kocaelispor. The new head coach also showed more confidence in his players. The administration did not like Coshqun’s Instagram post wishing the coach good luck. I consider it normal. These reasons influenced his performance. But later he returned to the team. In the last 2 games, they fielded a team of 19-year-olds as they defended their place in League 1. I would call Coshqun’s performance in the first half very good, and average in the second half. It was neither good nor bad."

It should be noted that Diniyev played 30 games in the team of Umraniyaspor. He scored 3 goals and 2 assists in these matches.

Emin Aga