Vagif Javadov: "He brought enthusiasm to the nation" - VIDEO

25 May 2024 17:55
Vagif Javadov: "He brought enthusiasm to the nation" - VIDEO

"Azerbaijan football management gives little chance to local coaches. However, we see that local coaches have achieved good results both in the clubs of the Azerbaijan championship and in the national team."

It was said by Vagif Javadov, the former football player of the Azerbaijan national team, who was a guest of Idman Bizimle.

He expressed his opinion on whether a local or a foreigner should lead Azerbaijan national team without a head coach: "Whoever comes, the main thing is that he should know the importance of the national team. We experienced it during the time of Berti Vogts. He brought enthusiasm to the national team. The players of the national team should be exemplary, At the same time, those players should have the best clothes. About 30 players represent Azerbaijan. This concern should be understood by the national team."

Javadov emphasized that the fact that Azerbaijan national team is always ranked last in the qualifying stages does not reflect reality: "Being in the last places does not mean that we do not know football. After coming and signing, saying "I didn't know it would be like this" is not correct. When you open the book, you should know what Azerbaijani football has."

Aytac Sahad