Oleg Salenko's followers or leaders in Azerbaijan – ANALYSIS

15 May 2024 16:42
Oleg Salenko's followers or leaders in Azerbaijan – ANALYSIS

Not only gold, silver and bronze medals, but also the fight for the top scorer title is important in the Azerbaijan Championship.

Idman.biz reports that the fact that the same football player scored 7 goals in one match of the II League is related to the competition in the scoring race.

Fuzuli football player Elvin Nasibov led the match with Kurmuk Gakh. Contributing to the 7:2 victory with 7 goals, the attacker increased the number of balls in the season to 31.

The forward, who started the season in Jabrayil and later moved to Fuzuli, scored 24 goals in the previous 24 rounds. Elvin, who was far behind Tural Gurbatov, the leader of the bomber race, not only eliminated this difference in the XXV round, but even took the lead. Although the player of Shahdag Gusar has scored 30 goals, he is already behind Nasibov. Elvin is not the first player to step up to the title of bomb with super productivity in the finish. Such a goal both in the world and in our country

Hard Times for Cameroon
The rise of Nasibov in the top scorer competition with 7 goals can remind everyone of a different event. But the first thing that comes to mind is WC-1994. The last duel between Russia and Cameroon, which performed unsuccessfully in the first two rounds of the group stage of the World Cup, was remembered with the benefit of Oleg Salenko. The striker managed to contribute 5 goals to the 6:1 victory. With this, Oleg increased the number of goals in the World Cup to 6. The collapse after two defeats did not save Russia and it remained in the group. But Salenko's five-trick in the last match remained insurmountable. Hristo Stoichkov from Bulgaria did not reach it. Both scorers were awarded Golden Boots.

Unforgettable 6:6 and Alay
If Salenko comes to the fore in world football, Azerbaijan also had its own Salenkos. All football fans remember Alay Bahramov's goalscoring in the 1998/99 season. Although 25 years have passed since the match between Vilas and Turan, the match that ended with a score of 6:6 has not been forgotten. Alay, who scored 6 goals in a match that was of no importance to the teams, was the top scorer of the championship. But what everyone knows and remembers is the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the end of the season was marked by the rain of goals by the striker of Vilas.

Vidadi Rzayev scored 18 goals and Vadim Vasilyev scored 16 goals after the 26-round main round of the competition held in two stages. Hasan Abdullayev, Mushfig Huseynov and Alay had 14 balls. Bahramov was the unluckiest in the final stage. Because Kapaz with Vidadi and Hasan, Qarabag with Mushfig, and Neftchi with Vadim had to play 10 matches in the fight for the 1st-6th places. Vilas played only 4 matches for the 7th-10th places. Since Baku reportsentative, which should be in this four, refused to participate in the competition after 1 match of the final round, there would be a two-round competition between only 3 teams. Bahramov, who scored 14 goals in 26 rounds, scored 10 times in 4 rounds and increased his score to 24 balls. Vadim finished the season with 19 goals, Vidadi with 18.

7 goals in two games.
If Elvin achieved a super-productive finish in the lower league, and Alay in the last millennium, he was able to do it in the recent past of the Premier League. The 2009/10 season is probably for the sake of many. At that time, Farid Guliyev, the striker of Standard, which was ranked 11th among 12 teams and was relegated to the lower division, was the top scorer of the championship. After 30 rounds, the forward, who has only 9 balls in his account, showed himself in the last two matches. Farid scored 4 goals at home against Karvan (6:0) and 3 goals against Simurg (4:0) away. With this, Guliyev, who increased his tally to 16 goals, left behind Anatoly Dorosh, Robertas Poškus, who scored 12 times each, and Adrian Neaga, who scored 11 goals.

It should be noted that if Oleg, Alay and Farid won the top scorer title, Elvin must maintain his leadership in the last round. Fuzuli will be a guest of Jabrayil on May 21. Tural will try to increase the number of goals in the home match of Shahdag Gusar with Aghdash.

Vugar Kheyrullayev