Aslan Karimov: "Neftchi aims to prove themselves"

23 April 2024 17:33
Aslan Karimov: "Neftchi aims to prove themselves"

"Both Gabala and Zira are showing good performance in the last games."

Veteran football player Aslan Karimov told

The 51-year-old specialist commented on the return matches of the semi-finals of the Azerbaijan Cup, which will be held tomorrow. He said that the chances are equal in the match between Gabala and Zira: "The guests played a good game before. They just stumbled and lost points in some games. But they win points in the last matches. Kakhaber Tskhadadze's playing style is noticeable after the change of coach in Gabala. Although they made a good impression in the first matches, they could not score points. They showed it in the best way in the game against Qarabag. I think that the games in the championship are very different from the cup. Here the result of 2 games decides everything. In this regard, the game between Gabala and Zira will be very intense. Because there is only 1 ball difference. Gabala will try to forget the unsuccessful games in the championship. Therefore, they will put all their strength into this game. They host the opponent at home. A 1:2 defeat is not a big difference. Despite the successful performance in the championship, Zira wants to reach the finals. They are very willing to win the cup."

Karimov does not expect surprises in the match between Qarabag and Neftchi: "I do not believe that the guests will get revenge for the 4:0 victory in the first match. It does not seem realistic that Neftchi will score 4 goals and take the game to extra time. Although Qarabag could not win in the last matches, I do not believe that they will give this opportunity to the opponent. Therefore, the fate of the game was decided in the first match. Neftchi will try to prove themselves. Qarabag may try again and give the youth a chance. It is very difficult to tell the score. Although I think that Qarabag will win, it can also be a draw. But in the end, it will be Qarabag that level up again.”

It should be noted that the match between Gabala and Zira will start at 17:00, and the match between Qarabag and Neftchi will start at 20:00.

Emin Aga