Champions League: 5th team from them – NEWS

19 April 2024 17:29
Champions League: 5th team from them – NEWS

At least 5 clubs will represent Italy in the 2024/25 Champions League season. reports that this was caused by the innovation in UEFA club division.

From the 2024/25 season, the two best countries of the last football year are given an additional place in the Champions League. Italy, currently ranked 1st with 19,428 points, secured one of the top two spots.

This gave the 5th team of Serie A a place in the Champions League. Germany, which is second, will gain an additional place if it maintains its position. But England and France have a chance to be second.

But Italy can send not 5, but even 6 teams to the Champions League. For this, one of Roma and Atalanta, which continues to fight in the Europa League, must win the cup and stay out of the "four" in the A series.

It should be noted that from the next season, 36 teams will compete in the main stage of the tournament instead of 32.