Considerable development after 31 months

10 April 2024 17:14
Considerable development after 31 months

The women's national team of Azerbaijan lost by a big margin after 31 months. reports that Azerbaijani team, which scored 4 unanswered goals against Switzerland in the qualifying game of EURO-2026, has developed in such a way that it has been almost 3 years.

The last time Azerbaijan team gave participants great sadness was on September 21, 2021. Denmark won with 8 unanswered goals in the World Cup 2023 qualifier.

Azerbaijan team also lost those there at home. It is true that after that, Baku beat Russia by 0:4. However, after the northerners were excluded from the competitions, those results were drawn. After the match against Denmark, the selection ceremony and the League of Nations won Azerbaijan team by more than three balls.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan national team scored 1 point in two games of the EURO-2026 qualifying round.