Maksim Medvedev: "I said goodbye to the national team inside myself"

1 April 2024 14:44
Maksim Medvedev: "I said goodbye to the national team inside myself"

"It is difficult, there is little support because the results of the national team are weak. Good motivation is needed." reports that Qarabag football player Maksim Medvedev said it in an interview with the Russian press.

The captain of the Aghdam club spoke about his career in the national team. According to Maxim, this page has already been closed for him: "Since I haven't been called up for a year, I said goodbye to the national team in my heart. We play a lot with the club, we have trips and we already have a family. Therefore, national meetings are difficult. I haven't had a vacation for seven years. Because I used to attend games with the national team on my days off. You have to deliver every job. But I realized that it is psychologically difficult."

The 34-year-old football player also touched on the best moments he had with the national team: "We didn't get any bright moments or achievements, that's the only problem. The best moments with the team are when we play against strong opponents. We often faced Germany and Portugal. It's always nice to come out to the sounds of the Azerbaijani national anthem. I tried to show myself from the best side, especially against big teams. You only remember big games and big stadiums, that's the most important thing."

Maxim said that there is a lack of stability in our national team. Everyone comes with their own mentality and philosophy. For example, in clubs, some defenders play in a four-man defense, and some play in a five-man defense. When the team needs to get used to each other, it becomes difficult because of the different schemes. You need to follow a certain system and stick to it until you see results. Due to the frequent change of coaches, the team cannot find its own game system. Youth teams should also be encouraged. They should also follow the system and everyone should know what to do when the age of being called up to the first team is approaching.

He emphasized that one of the main problems in the national team is the lack of players: "In order to get a result, there should be at least 50 players in the team so that there is competition. Since we have 10 teams in the championship, it is difficult to make a big choice. Moreover, there is a "7+4" limit. Therefore, only 40 players are playing. Half of them are candidates for the Olympic team."

It should be noted that Maxim Medvedev was remembered for 4 goals in 81 games in the Azerbaijan national team.