"Afran Ismayilov: "This can not happen in Qarabag"

30 March 2024 12:50
"Afran Ismayilov: "This can not happen in Qarabag"

"Qarabag is stronger than all the teams in the championship. They can easily beat any team as a reserve or main force. Therefore, the early championship of Qarabag was expected."

Afran Ismayilov, former football player of Qarabag told Idman.biz.

The 35-year-old veteran player evaluated the performance of the representative of Aghdam, who won the championship early by winning 6:1 against Kapaz in the XXVIII round of the Azerbaijan Premier League. He said that the fact that Gurban Gurbanov's team won the gold medals with 8 rounds left will not affect the future games of the club: "I don't think that Qarabag will lose their motivation after that. They will play comfortably and list their victories. I don't believe that they will think that they will play comfortably from now on. Such a thing cannot happen. Because the club is headed by Gurban Gurbanov. We wish to watch Qarabag in the Champions League from the new season. I played there myself. This tournament is completely different. It is the number 1 competition among clubs. The fights against Bayer and Braga in the Europa League show that our representative deserves to play in this tournament. It has strength, players and a quality game. My dream is to see them in the strongest club tournament of the continent next year."

Ismayilov found it difficult to talk about who will have the second and third positions: "Everyone, including Kapaz, is a candidate for this position. If Araz Nakhchivan wins 2 or 3 games in a row, they can win such a medal. That's why it's difficult to express an opinion about it."

It should be noted that this was the 11th championship of Qarabag.

Emin Aga