Arif Asadov is ready to stay in the national team: "For the sake of the team" – VIDEO

27 March 2024 13:22
Arif Asadov is ready to stay in the national team: "For the sake of the team" – VIDEO

Arif Asadov, the coach of the Azerbaijan national team, can work in the national team even after the appointment of a new head coach.

This was announced by the 54-year-old expert himself, who was a guest of the Idman Bizde program.

He said that he is ready to continue his work as an assistant to the newly appointed head coach: "If they ask me to help for the sake of the national team, I will work for the national team with all my heart."

Asadov, who led the national team in the matches against Mongolia and Bulgaria, will not be dissatisfied with the appointment of someone else as the head coach: "In general, I don't have the character to hold a grudge. It doesn't matter to me. If someone is invited to our national team, he will come and lead the team, we are ready to support him. In this regard, there will be no offense. I am ready to do whatever they ask of me today."

Experts such as Stanislav Cherchesov and Riza Calimbay are among the candidates for the position of head coach of the national team. Asadov emphasized that these coaches are successful coaches: "It is very difficult for me to talk about this. We respect everyone. Each of them has success both as a football player and as a coach. If such a thing is real, then so be it. We do not decide here. The decision-makers should also think and act so that we do not suffer from this again tomorrow."

It should be noted that Asadov, who was assistant to head coach Gianni de Biasi, led the team to two matches within the FIFA Series. Azerbaijan national team met with Mongolia (1:0) and Bulgaria (1:1).