Aslan Karimov: "Arif Asadov was a little surprised"

26 March 2024 12:37
Aslan Karimov: "Arif Asadov was a little surprised"

"Our national team made a good impression. This is not the Bulgaria that played in the group stages of the World Cup 10 years ago. "Two national teams of the same strength were playing against each other."

Aslan Karimov, former football player of the Azerbaijan national team, told

He commented on the match between Azerbaijan and Bulgaria (1:1) in FIFA Series-2024. He said that it was a good thing that we played more dominantly: "We kept the ball well. We spent more time in the opponent's penalty area. They also had very good sharp attacks. We were ready for that. We missed in one episode and it ended up being a goal. Technically, Arif Asadov was a little surprised. He started the game with 4 defenders. I think that this experiment did not go badly. It was a surprise for me that Rahil Mammadov played on the wing. He could handle it. The opponent was able to beat us not on the flanks, but more on the counter-attacks. The second good thing was that the young players who entered the field showed themselves in a good way. Whether it was Jeyhun Nuruyev or Musa Gurbanli, they played well even if they did not participate in the goal. These are the first steps of the players in the national team."

Karimov also spoke about the player whose performance he did not like in the match: "I did not like Renat Dadashov's performance very much." As a character, he looks like a football player who does not give himself to the full game. Maybe I'm wrong. Football school is good. He played in the U-17 team of Germany. But the skill level is not enough for me to play in the national team. We are technically behind most of our competitors. At least we do not surpass Sweden and Slovakia in this respect. In such games, it is possible to win these games only with determination and football players who can throw their heads under the ball. According to me, Renat is not that type of player. Unlike him, Musa fights to the last drop of sweat. Regardless of any factor, he still plays to the last strength according to the national form. But I don't expect that from Renat. Maybe the fact that he did not get a chance to form in Turkiye in the last matches had an effect on this. This is also the case with Moses. But the game is in sight. A draw against Bulgaria means nothing. But the main thing is that we play more dominantly. This means that our game will be relatively better."

It should be noted that the Azerbaijan national team defeated Mongolia 1:0 in the first match of FIFA Series-2024.

Emin Aga