Musa Gurbanov: "They want to come up with Gurban" - VIDEO

14 March 2024 16:52
Musa Gurbanov: "They want to come up with Gurban" - VIDEO

"We also read the news about the offers to Gurban Gurbanov from the press and we accept it as normal."

This was said by Gurban Gurbanov’s brother Musa Gurbanov, a veteran football player who was a guest of Idman Bizde program.
The experienced specialist commented on the fact that his brother's name is often mentioned together with foreign clubs. According to him, when a person is in the center of attention, they try to write a lot about him: "They want to come up with Gurban. But there was no real offer. If there was, I would probably be one of the first to know."

The 59-year-old veteran football player Gurban said that he had no talks with Gurbanov about coaching a European club. Maybe he didn't have it because he was an Azerbaijani. If they had shown its results in other European countries, proposals had come a long time ago. Gurban is very satisfied with his job, staying here, working for the success of Qarabag. That's why we never had a conversation or a discussion about it. His idea is only to develop Qarabag and achieve success with this club."

It should be noted that today's match between Bayer and Qarabag will start at 00:00.

Emin Aga