Qarabag got points, Azerbaijan reaches Bulgaria

8 March 2024 10:47
Qarabag got points, Azerbaijan reaches Bulgaria

After the first matches of the rounds of 16 finals in the Europa League and Conference League, the UEFA ranking of the countries was announced. reports that the score of Azerbaijan has increased.

This was caused by the match of Qarabag against Bayer in the European League round of 16 finals. Thanks to the draw at home (2:2), 0.250 points were added to their asset.

With this, Azerbaijan's profit in the season reached 5,875. Based on the results of the last 5 years, our cumulative rating is 20,125.

Azerbaijan's position has remained same. Currently, Azerbaijan, which is the 27th, has come close to Bulgaria. The difference with the unrepresented 26th place finisher is 0.250.

It should be noted that the list is headed by England.