Azerbaijani footballer playing in Thailand: "They only know Qarabag here" - INTERVIEW - PHOTO - VIDEO

2 March 2024 14:23
Azerbaijani footballer playing in Thailand: "They only know Qarabag here" - INTERVIEW - PHOTO - VIDEO

The interview of Mammad Guliyev, football player of Saraburi United club of Thailand 1st League, to website

- Many knew that Ramil Sheydayev was the only football player of Azerbaijan who played in Thailand. He has already gone to Turkiye. You have been playing in this country for 4 years. How did the player of Ravan decide to go to Thailand?

- The reason I left Azerbaijan was the small number of teams. At the moment there are many good players whose contracts are expiring and it is difficult to find a team. In this case, they go to the 1st league. But I didn't want that and that's why I came here.

- What are the difficulties of playing in the Thai championship for an Azerbaijani football player?

- I wouldn't say it's difficult, but there is a foreigner limit here. They think a lot before signing. The foreigner they give a chance must be a leading football player. The first days were a bit difficult. You have to adapt to a different championship and everyone expects a great game from you.

- Then you consider your game satisfactory?

- I don't think it's bad. In the ongoing season, I scored 11 goals in 23 games. Also, I had 7 assists.

- What is the financial situation in Thai 1st league clubs?

- It's good. Whether it's the major leagues or the minor leagues. I will not tell the salary I received. Of course, it is an additional advantage that visa, ticket and other issues are included in the contract.

- Ramil Sheydayev was in Buriram United some time ago. Did you watch him play?

- Yes, I watched Ramil's games when he was here.

- How was his mutual breach of contract received in Thailand?

- Actually, I didn't find any articles about it.

- Do they know Azerbaijani clubs in Thailand?

- They only know Qarabag.

- But if there is an option to return to Azerbaijan, would you consider it?

- If there are offers, yes.

Emin Aga