Annual Report: revenues in Azerbaijan Premier League

28 February 2024 14:50
Annual Report: revenues in Azerbaijan Premier League

CIES Football Observatory has published annual reports. reports that the table shows the indicators of 71 leagues of the world.

During the reporting period, 179 games were played in the Azerbaijan Premier League. An average of 4.47 yellow cards was shown per match. It is the 38th most warned league in the world.

The average number of red cards in Azerbaijan championship is 0.16. The Premier League is one of the most disciplined championships. Only 12 leagues recorded fewer reds.

27.56 fouls were committed in every match of the Premier League. The Azerbaijan championship is the 10th league with the most violations.

On average, 8 minutes and 11 seconds were added to the matches of the Azerbaijan championship. This is the 22nd league with the fewest extensions.