Tarlan Ahmadov: “It will be very difficult for Qarabag"

23 February 2024 17:45
Tarlan Ahmadov: “It will be very difficult for Qarabag"

"These teams know each other well"

Tarlan Ahmadov, a former football player of the Azerbaijan national team, told Idman.biz.

An experienced specialist commented on the draw of the 1/8 final stage of the UEFA Europa League. He said that it was not good for Qarabag to compete with Bayer again: "We all know their strength. Bayer is the sole leader in the German Bundesliga and is advancing without defeat. It will be very difficult for Qarabag. We should be happy that wrote a new history. But in any case, he will show a game worthy of his name. We would like to please everyone with another great match. We know that Qarabag will not have several players in that game, but those who appear will know what to do. We will watch an interesting match. Although it will be difficult on the road, we will be able to fight well against them in Baku. Bayer also knows the level of Qarabag. The chances of these teams are not equal, but nothing is impossible in football. Gurban Gurbanov knows everything very well."

Ahmadov also congratulated Qarabag who won 6:5 against Braga in the playoffs on the occasion of writing history: "Even though he was in the minority in the match, he made a comeback and made our people happy. Qarabag played a perfect game. He was able to defend himself without retreating, and at the same time, by making a quick counter-attack, he won the victory. In the true sense of the word, as a victorious nation, our victories will continue."

It should be noted that in the European League, Qarabag was in the group with Bayer and the German club won in both matches - 5:1, 1:0.

Banuchichek Huseynli