Rematch of two goals: Braga never managed to do it

20 February 2024 16:22
Rematch of two goals: Braga never managed to do it

Braga has never eliminated two goal-difference in the Europa Cups history. reports that this fact was investigated by the Portuguese media.

The Pyrenees will be a guest of Qarabag in the second leg of the Europa League play-offs. Braga's representative of the same name has lost 12 times in the first test by 2 or more goals. They never removed it.

In 5 of the previous 12 such cases, the revenge attempt was on the road. Qarabag is the 6th team that won the first match on the field of Braga with a difference of at least two goals. Braga, which has drawn only one of the previous 5 duels, has been defeated in the second match 4 times. In the 2010/11 season, the Portuguese, who lost to Besiktas at home with a score of 0:2, left Istanbul peacefully - 1:1.

In general, the repetition of the result of only one away match in the history of Braga in Baku will be in favor of the Portuguese. The team, which has played 89 times so far, defeated Bačka Topola in Serbia with a score of 4:1. The "second echelon" representative has 9 victories in two different games. The repetition of those results will clarify the name of the 1/8 finalist in extra time.

It should be noted that Qarabag, which won 4:2 in Portugal, will play the return match against Braga on February 22.