Braga defender: "5:0 or 6:0 outcome would be excellent"

15 February 2024 11:49
Braga defender: "5:0 or 6:0 outcome would be excellent"

"We are looking forward to the next game to forget the previous failure." reports that Braga player Paulo Oliveira said this.

The 32-year-old central defender, expressing his opinion about the first game of the Europa League playoff stage, which will be held today, said that they will be ambitious in the match against Qarabag: " I believe we can attain our goal. The Portuguese are not very familiar with Qarabag. This is a club without competitors within its nation. Some of the players on the team have played in Portugal and are familiar with Braga. As a team, we need to achieve success. A 5:0 or 6:0 outcome would be excellent. Such a result is considered good in a match with any opponent, be it Qarabag or Real. We have to understand that this is the first match and there will be a return match. We have to win in front of our fans on our own field."

It should be noted that today's Braga - Qarabag match will start at 00:00 Baku time.