The men lost to Croatia and the women drew

15 November 2023 10:31
The men lost to Croatia and the women drew

The fourth round of the European inter-team chess championship has been held in Budva, Montenegro.

According to, the Azerbaijani national team, consisting of men's chess players, faced Croatia, and our women's team faced France.

The men's national team played in the main staff, but this was not enough to win. Teymur Rajabov and Nijat Abasov ended their match with defeat. This factor resulted in the team finishing the round without points. Our team lost for the second time in the 4th round.

In the women's chess competition, the leaders faced each-other. The national teams of Azerbaijan and France, which showed maximum results in the first three rounds, could not determine the winner. The parties agreed to one win and two draws.

European Championship
IV round
Croatia - Azerbaijan - 2.5:1.5
Ivan Saric – Teymur Rajabov - 1:0
Ante Brkic – Shakhriyar Mammadyarov - 0:1
Sasha Martinovich – Rauf Mammadov - 0.5:0.5
Marin Bosiocic – Nijat Abasov - 1:0

Tournament table: 1. Poland, 2. Germany, 3. Armenia - all three 7 points, ... 15. Azerbaijan - 4.

Azerbaijan - France - 2:2
Gunay Mammadzada – Deimante Daulyte-Cornette - 1:0
Govhar Beidullayeva – Sophie Millie - 0.5:0.5
Khanim Balajayeva – Mitra Hejazipour - 0:1
Gulnar Mammadova – Pauline Guichard - - 0.5:0.5

Tournament schedule: 1. France, 2. Azerbaijan. 3. Germany - all three 7 points.