Tayfur Aliyev returns to his old weight at the European Championship: "I am happy" - INTERVIEW

29 March 2024 14:31
Tayfur Aliyev returns to his old weight at the European Championship: "I am happy" - INTERVIEW

Tayfur Aliyev (63.5 kg) Idman.biz, boxer of the Azerbaijani national team

- You finished the Great Silk Way held in Baku with a gold medal. How would you rate your fights?

- Such competitions greatly contribute to improving our form and gaining experience. The competition was held at a very high level. Each of our opponents was strong. Boxers from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia are selected in the world. They were also participating in the tournament and we already knew that the matches would be difficult. We were also very well prepared for the Great Silk Way. My first opponent was the Azerbaijani World Champion Javid Chalabiyev. It was the third time we met. Each of us won 1 time in the previous meetings. I think it was a rematch for both of us. He won. My second opponent was a very strong Russian athlete Ilya Popov. He is a boxer who is in full form both in terms of speed and technique. But as strong as he is, some weaknesses exist. I managed to win using these factors. I faced an Uzbek boxer in the final. Although he is not well known in the world, he is a strong and durable athlete. I am happy to finish this tournament as a champion. I am proud to win in my home country, in front of our home fans.

- The European Championship and the license tournament are coming. Can it be said that he found himself at 63.5 kg?

- Yes, I fought in 60 before. But this year I had to change my weight because of the Olympic Games. I am currently ranked in the world at this weight. My coaches and I have decided that I will compete in the European Championship, which will start on April 15, at 60 kg. Because in that case, I have a better chance of a medal and I am more experienced in this weight class. I think I will win a medal in this championship. In the license tournament to be held in Thailand, I will return to 63.5 kg.

- Does the weight change manifest itself in any battle? Because the weight of 3.5 kg has no small role in meetings.

- Even 1 kg is very important in boxing. There are boxers who reduce their weight from 68 kg to 63.5 kg. In this case, their blows are heavier and stronger. And I lose only 1-1.5 kg. In this case, of course, the opponent is superior. There is no problem fighting at both weights right now. We arrange it together with the coaches according to the competition. Now I can't gain much weight. My maximum is 65 kg. If at 63.5 kg I try to protect myself more from blows, at 60 kg I behave more aggressively.

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