Klay Thompson gets testy with reporter: 'You want me to bench me?'

28 November 2023 17:48
Klay Thompson gets testy with reporter: 'You want me to bench me?'

Thompson got a little angry after receiving a question about the stability of the Golden State's starting five.

Idman.biz reports according to the interview of the player that after one of the reporters asked Thompson about the value of head coach Steve Kerr maintaining the same starting five throughout the season he directed his words at the journalist.

"You want him to bench me? Bench Wigs? You can suggest, it's fine. Thanks, Steve, I guess,' Thompson said. "I don't know. Sometimes, you earn these things, like patience and time to find yourself. I think history is on our side when it comes to that stuff."

Asked whether he'd heard people suggest benching him, Thompson said he didn't care about it even if he did.
"I don't care what people say. They don't do what we do. They can't do what we do - that's why they talk. Why would I [listen]? Come on. I don't care what people say at this point in my life. Next question," he said.

It should be noted that Thompson is averaging 15 points per game this season, his lowest number since his rookie season in 2011-12 when he was averaging 12.5 points per game. At the same time, Thompson is shooting three-pointers at a career-worst 36.7%.