American basketball player: "Khachmaz is the place that inspires us" - INTERVIEW

16 November 2023 13:41
American basketball player: "Khachmaz is the place that inspires us" - INTERVIEW

NTD-INDIGO's basketball player Griffin Remmy gave an interview to the club's press service. reports that the American legionnaire spoke about his arrival in Azerbaijan and the level of the Basketball League.

- How is the preparation for the game with Khazri going?

- We are moving forward step by step. We are trying to get in optimal shape. This is a time-consuming process. We have to improve every day and every game. I hope we will win this match. We have to focus on preparation and think about the upcoming match.

- Your opponent in the next round is among the favorites of the championship. Have you watched their matches?

- "Khazri" is a very talented team. They have strong legionnaires and local players. He also has a great coach. He will prepare a good game plan against us. This game is a big challenge for us. But the goal is the same - to win. We want to win every game.

- NTD-INDIGO played two games in Khachmaz. Do you like the atmosphere in the arena?

- Khachmaz is a place that inspires us. The fans support us. When I moved to NTD-INDIGO, I didn't know that we would play in Khachmaz. But now we are having a great time there. It is very pleasant to play in Khachmaz. I believe that the games here will be a serious test for our opponents.

- Were you able to watch the games of the league and how would you rate the level?

- Frankly, I could not watch many games. Before the start of the season, we played friendlies against clubs. The level is pretty good. Strong basketball players play in the league. But the Azerbaijan League is still young. I think everything is ahead.

- How did your transition to NTD-INDIGO take place?

- I spent most of my career in Europe. I was looking for a new challenge. My agent offered me such an option. I didn't know much about Azerbaijani basketball. But now I know that NTD-INDIGO has a rich history. I am proud to be here. I hope that the fans and club management will be proud of me.

Emin Agha