Striking statement from Khazri head coach

17 May 2024 10:44
Striking statement from Khazri head coach

"Both teams deserve the championship. We performed really well in this match." reports that this was said by the head coach of Khazri Murat Dikmen.

The specialist who won the first game of the final series of the Azerbaijan Basketball League with a score of 95:75 against Sabah commented on the game. He said that their good defense was one of the main factors that brought victory: "In the playoff series, we allowed an average of 66.6 points. In this match, we were able to keep the opponent at 70 points. As I always say, when we defend well, we are more successful in attack. I congratulate each of my players. We scored 95 points on offense. This was very important for us. That's why I'm happy. We are already ahead in the series with a score of 1:0. We should forget this match and think about the next match. Because we have a long series ahead of us."

According to Dikmen, they will prepare for the next games with a different concentration: "We will learn from our mistakes and go to the next meeting differently. I hope we continue our game like this. The playoffs are a different place. You can't always perform the way you want. The final series is too long. Whichever team performs better here, both physically and mentally, will be the champion."

It should be noted that the next match between the teams will be held on May 19. The team that won 3 victories in the final series will win the gold medal.