Tahir Bakhshiyev formed the national team: the "12" will be selected among 20 basketball players" - INTERVIEW

25 December 2023 11:58
Tahir Bakhshiyev formed the national team: the "12" will be selected among 20 basketball players" - INTERVIEW

Interview of Tahir Bakhshshiyev, the head coach of the Azerbaijan national team consisting of men's basketball players and NTD-INDIGO, to Idman.biz website

- The first round of the Azerbaijan Basketball League was over. How would you rate the performance of NTD-INDIGO, which you lead?

- I was satisfied with the performance of my team. As the rounds passed, basketball players understood each other, moves, combinations better. We have won 8 out of 9 games. Our main goal is to get to the playoffs. The second round will be even more difficult. Many teams will strengthen their squads. So there should be no gap. We must prepare well to achieve our goal.

- Are you satisfied with the competitiveness in the championship?

- Yes I do. This year, the number of teams increased, and as a result, interest in Azerbaijani basketball grew even more. There are many games in the regions. This is very good for the development of our sport.

- How would you consider the benefit of this competition to local basketball players?

- Every match is a great experience for our basketball players. According to the rules, there must be 2 compatriots on the field in the game. Therefore, they learn a lot from experienced foreign basketball players. Compared to previous years, their self-confidence has also increased this year. Therefore, I think that the championship is very valuable from this point of view.

- What is the team with the strongest locals at the moment?

- Every team has good local basketball players. Of course, young players also create competition for experienced players. If this continues, they will be even stronger in 2-3 years.

- Have you already formed the Azerbaijan national team for yourself?

- Of course, a general opinion has already been formed about who to trust. The "12" is still not clear and will be chosen from among 20 people. Among them will be experienced and young players. Finally, in February, we will go to Switzerland with the strongest for the preliminary of the world Championship qualifying round.

Emin Aga