"Sumgayit" basketball player: "3-point shots have become my calling card" - INTERVIEW

11 December 2023 17:54
"Sumgayit" basketball player: "3-point shots have become my calling card" - INTERVIEW

Idman.biz reports that he talked about his career, his situation in the club and his goals

- How do you remember coming to basketball?

- I was born in 1999 in Riverside, California. I saw my future in this sport since I was a basketball player since I was a child. As a result, I reached my goal. I played in "Minnesota Crookston" and "Est Central" university clubs in America.

- What can you say about your European career?

- I started my European career in Slovakia. I played for 3 months in "Nitra". But there I was on the field for an average of 5 minutes per game. I had to return to my homeland because of problems with my family and little luck.

- If you had to compare the basketball of Slovakia and Azerbaijan, what could you say?

- If we have to compare the championships of Slovakia and Azerbaijan, of course, since there are many years of basketball traditions in Slovakia, the level is higher there. Foreign basketball players playing in the Azerbaijan league are getting acquainted with this league. But promising basketball players are chasing the ball here as well. As for the specific performance of "Sumgayit", everything here is to my heart's content. I have a very good relationship with my teammates. In fact, everything should be like that. I think that if the level of understanding in the team is even higher, we will qualify for the playoffs without any problems.

- What do you see as your best feature?

- In basketball, my skillful use of 3-point shots has become my main calling card. I always practice these shots a lot. That's why this feature of mine is more noticeable in the games of "Sumgayit".

- What are your main career goals?

- As for my specific goals, it is necessary to work as well as to dream. It all depends on how I approach training. For example, I can play in Europe in the future. But my biggest dream is to play in the NBA. True, I have not had such an opportunity so far. But I have the idea to nominate for drafts. For now, I am thinking about the success of "Sumgayit". If the club offers me a new contract in the future, we can come to an agreement for me to stay here.