Head coach of our national team: "The one with the best results will go to the world championship"

26 January 2024 18:49
Head coach of our national team: "The one with the best results will go to the world championship"

"Azerbaijan winter championship in athletics has the nature of a license for the world championship".

Idman.biz reports that Hakim Ibrahimov, head coach of the Azerbaijan national team in athletics, said this in his statement to journalists.

The young specialist said that there are already 3 candidates to go to the World Cup: "These are Keskin Abbaszade, Nazim Babayev, Yekatrina Sariyeva. The World Championship will be held on March 1-3. Even one person without a license has been given a place in this World Cup. Whoever shows the best result among the 3 athletes will go to the world championship. There is the Azerbaijan championship, as well as additional rating points. This is an additional chance for the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games."

According to Ibrahimov, the result of Nazim Babayev in the long jump in the first competition was 7.69 m: "In the World Championship, 8.26 m is normative. This is a big difference. It is true that it is difficult for him to fulfill the norms of the Azerbaijan championship. Because we calculated the preparation for the Olympic Games only with Nazim. In the summer, we are already expecting a license from him for Paris-2024. However, despite this, he has a great chance to go to the World Championship. It will become clear after tomorrow's race."

He said that they will try to get as many licenses as possible for the Olympics: "The quality should be high in order to get the results we expect from our athletes. Many steps are being taken in the direction of the development of athletics in our country. Visits to our regions are planned in order to discover talented children in the regions and attract them to our nation. In October of the last year, we selected 31 people from 1000 children from our 5 regions. In the coming months, we will bring those children to Baku and do additional tests. In the end, we will keep 10-15 children with the best potential among them in the team."

It should be noted that the Azerbaijan championship will last for 2 days.

Banuchichak Huseynli