"Ganja" legionnaire: "I don't want to remember the past, I want to strive for new heights" - INTERVIEW

14 October 2023 14:55
"Ganja" legionnaire: "I don't want to remember the past, I want to strive for new heights" - INTERVIEW

Olga Zakharova, Russian volleyball player of "Ganja" club, gave an interview to Idman.biz. The former player of "Uralochka" talked about her career and announced her goals.

- How did you come to volleyball and why did you choose this sport?

- I started playing volleyball when I was 11 years old. My arrival to this sport was unexpected and accidental. One day, while l return home from the camp by train, our camp leader noticed that I was different from my peers because of my height. He came to me and asked whether l was doing sport or not, and when he heard my negative answer, he told me that he had an offer. When the train stopped at the station where I was to get off, he ran and quickly took my mother's number. Later, he offered the option of playing in Yekaterinburg. After long negotiations, my mother finally agreed to him and we started on a new road. As a result, I started playing volleyball.

- Volleyball is for you... Complete the sentence.

- ... which opens up new horizons for me and does not allow my pulse to calm down.

- You already have some experience. What would you highlight as the most important moments in your career?

- Of course, I have experience, but I don't want to remember the past, I just want to strive for new heights.

- How did the people welcome you in Azerbaijan?

- We are in the center of attention in Azerbaijan. They already know about the start of volleyball club in Ganja city and they are extremely happy about it. Everyone wishes us victories. Of course, we will do well and work hard to please our fans.

- Is there any reason why you chose "Ganja"?

- I wanted to try myself in a new club.

- You have been to Azerbaijan for a long time. What can you say about the current state of volleyball in our country?

- To be honest, I have not followed what is happening in the Azerbaijan volleyball, but I hope it will surprise me in a good way.

- What will be your goals in "Ganja"?

- Complete the given tasks and show a great game.

Shabnam Rahimova