Andres Toobal: "We fought with Azerbaijan as much as we could" - INTERVIEW

31 May 2024 21:24
Andres Toobal: "We fought with Azerbaijan as much as we could" - INTERVIEW

Estonian national team head coach Andres Toobal's interview to after the defeat in the European Gold League

- How do you evaluate the game with the Azerbaijan national team?

- We knew the strength of the opponent. They were moving fast on the offensive line. Our main goal was to withstand the pressure and play as good a defense as possible. Our attackers did not perform at any level. Although we wanted to execute our planned tactics during attacks, the opposing team played well in the block. This factor did not allow us to continue our game as we wanted.

- What were the differences between the teams?

- Azerbaijan is a strong competitor. We were aware of the team's previous games. Many of their players are performing at a high level. Compared to us, Azerbaijan has a more professional staff. There are only 3 professional volleyball players in the Estonian national team. Others are schoolchildren. They don't have enough experience. We fought as hard as we could. But the opposing team deserved to win.

- What can you say about the Volleyball Center where the game is held?

- Volleyball Center is great. There are all kinds of conditions to play here. The fan support in particular was great. It was a pleasure to watch the support given to the opposing team, but it is disappointing that we did not put up any level of resistance against the opposition.

- Your team is ranked last. What is the root cause of failure?

- We performed successfully in the European Silver League last year. But the situation is different in the Golden League. The teams here are more professional and strong. It is a completely different picture. We will face the Austrian team tomorrow. We met them in the final of the league last season and won. Tomorrow will be an interesting game. I hope we will win.

Banuchichek Huseynli