Famil Agayev: "There was a decline with his going, we can already see suspicious moments" - INTERVIEW

26 January 2024 17:00
Famil Agayev: "There was a decline with his going, we can already see suspicious moments" - INTERVIEW

Interview of Famil Aghayev, head coach of "Absheron" volleyball club, to Idman.biz website

- In the last round of the second round, in the match against "Azerrail" you were ahead with a score of 2:0, but in the end we lost. What happened in the last 3 sets?

- In the 1st set of the match, let's not look at the fact that we fell behind by 7 scores, we changed the course and played well. We won comfortably in the second half. Then there was some reassurance. Although we were ahead in the score, the opponent equalized the difference in sets - 2:2. In the tie-break, we lost 4:8. Although we took a 12:10 lead, we could not avoid defeat. Our mistakes played a role in the victory of "Azerrail".

- Will there be any punishment for the volleyball players or the team who made a mistake?

- I don't think of giving any punishment to the team. You just need to eliminate the mistakes. We will increase the exercises. We will have a video conference and discuss the mistakes.

- "Absheron" seems to have weakened compared to the first round. What do you see as the main problem?

- The team is missing 1 player. We will add the national volleyball player to our team. We are talking about Maria Kirilyuk. After he arrives, both our attack and our blocks will be stronger. Young Nilufar Agazade plays in this position. I am also satisfied with his game. Beyaz Aliyeva's departure from the team was a great loss for us. There was a decline in our team. We have a new libero. I believe that things will be alright.

- Challenge system was applied for the first time in the Azerbaijan championship in your game with "Azerrail". Did you expect this?

- The challenge system should have been there from the beginning. Some games are intense. We can already see the questionable points. "Chelenc" will have a lot of help in the national championship.

- After 10 rounds, you are ranked 3rd in the tournament table. Do you still believe that you will make "Absheron" the champion?

- We could have won 3 points in the game against "Azerrail". No one can say that the opponent gained a huge advantage by going ahead by 3 points. After that there are 2 rounds. In the upcoming meetings, we will try to eliminate our mistakes, win and be the first. Because it will be an advantage to advance to the playoffs from the first place.

Emin Agha