Faroese father - son duo go for the record

29 April 2024 16:02
Faroese father - son duo go for the record

The list of fathers and sons who played in the same team at the same time has been determined.

Idman.biz reports that 12 families were represented in the list published by IFFHS.

A couple of them are currently performing side by side in Vikingur. Atli Gregersen and his son Arni Atlason have already been on the field together in 21 matches.

This is the second indicator of the XXI century. Other Faroese players playing for Fulafjördur, Jakub Mikkelsen and Poul Mikkelsen, participated in 35 games together.

The IFFHS list includes two players who are teammates with their two sons. Kelly Foster was teammates with both Arthur Colin Foster and Rayne Foster in the Barbados national team.

Aleksey Eremenko Sr. from Finland performed with Alexey Eremenko Jr. in the HIK team and Roman Eremenko in Jaro. One pair of other father-sons played in the national team, while the rest were teammates in clubs.

The list also includes a couple who have played in the same game only once. They were not on the field at the same time because they replaced each other. Eiður Guðjohnsen, the son of Arnor Guðjohnsen, was replaced in the 62nd minute of the Icelandic national team's match against Estonia in 1996.