Murad Fatiyev: "This time, I successfully accomplished"

19 February 2024 23:21
Murad Fatiyev: "This time, I successfully accomplished"

"Our training is very hard and this factor helps to get results." reports that in his statement to the International Judo Federation, the athlete of the Azerbaijan national team Murad Fatiyev (90 kg) said this.

The winner of the Grand Slam tournament held in Baku emphasized that the team is preparing at a high level for the European and world championships, as well as the Summer Olympic Games. Fatiyev commented on the victory won in front of his home fans: "I did not participate in the tournament in Baku for the first time. I took the 5th and 7th places in previous competitions. This time I successfully competed and became the champion. In the final, I faced the experienced Christian Toth (Hungary). I have not faced him before and I am very happy to have defeated a strong opponent and won gold".

It should be noted that Murad Fatiyev was on the top step of the podium for the first time in the Grand Slam competitions. Before that, the judoka of the Azerbaijan national team won silver 1 time and bronze 3 times in a similar competition.