Sheriff head coach REQUEST theater in Zira match

10 July 2024 17:32
Sheriff head coach REQUEST theater in Zira match

“The match with Zira is important. This is an exam that prepares us psychologically to do our best. We have to overcome ourselves and think of leaving every match with victory."

As reports, this was said by Sheriff head coach Yuriy Gura.

The manager held a press conference before the first match of the first qualifying round of the Europa League against Zira. He said that they aimed to win the first test: "Zira is a worthy opponent and a high-level team. This is my first European trip as a coach and I want it to be positive. There is also excitement in the team, there is also a desire to prove ourselves on the field, to show."

As per Gura’s statement, he will prefer attacking football in the match to be organized tomorrow: "The new arrivals have been very well integrated into the team. Maybe we didn't have enough time to prepare. But the players have reached a fairly good level. I think we will work together and get good results. We want to play attacking football and make it a theater for the fans. If this is achieved, then the fans will come to football. I think everyone likes attacking football."

The coach of the Tiraspol club said that he prefers a 1:0 victory to a 5:3 victory.

Sheriff - Zira will start on July 12 at 21:00.