Arif Asadov: "There is an imbalance about the players"

4 June 2024 16:01
Arif Asadov: "There is an imbalance about the players"

"We have completed the first stage of preparation. In the first stage, we recruited players from clubs that finished the season relatively early." reports that this was said by the coach of the Azerbaijan national team, Arif Asadov.

Speaking to the press service of AFFA, the specialist spoke about the team's training camp and preparation for upcoming international friendly matches: "We mainly focused on physical training. Since yesterday, the team got together with the full squad. Tactical preparation for the upcoming game is already underway. 8 members of the national team participated in the final game of the Azerbaijan Cup held on June 2. Yesterday was a recovery exercise for those who appeared in that meeting. From today, we are preparing for the match against Albania with the full team."

Asadov said that the players are tired since the season in the leagues has just ended: "It is such a period that there is an imbalance in the condition of the players. Some have just returned from injury, some have played their last match 15-20 days ago. We will take this situation into account in the upcoming meetings."

The head coach added to his words that they will appear before both Albania and Kazakhstan with the determination to win: "The Albanian team has qualified for the European Championship. There are almost no players in the main squads who play in the domestic championship. Its players play in the clubs of Italy, England and other well-known football countries. This shows that Albania is a strong team. Also, the next competitor, Kazakhstan, is a strong team. They were also very close to qualifying for the European Championship. In this regard, both matches will be a good test for us. But we will still go to the games to win. Since there are friendly matches, we will try to give all players a chance."

It should be noted that the Azerbaijani national team will face Albania on June 7 at 21:00 Baku time, and Kazakhstan on June 11 at 18:00 in a friendly match. Both games will be played at Haladas Sport Complex in Sombatchey, Hungary.