4th attempt of Ukraine - PRESENTATION

4 June 2024 15:03
4th attempt of Ukraine - PRESENTATION

This summer, the attention of all Europe will be focused on Germany. The 24 strongest national teams of the continent will compete in the 17th European Championship. There are 10 days left until the start of the competition, which will last from June 14 to July 14.

Idman.biz continues the presentation of the participants of EURO-2024.

This week we look at the teams in Group E. Ukraine will be one of the participants in the intense fight for the second place in the group where Belgium is the favorite.

Step by step to Germany
The qualifying round started with an unsuccessful draw for the Ukrainian national team. They are in the same group with two giants - England and Italy. With the resignation of the head coach Alexander Petrakov before the cycle, the national team was temporarily assigned to Ruslan Rotan. After the start, the team found stability with the arrival of Sergey Rebrov and finished the cycle without defeat at home. Ukraine, which received points from the favorites in its home arena, lost to England (1:1, 0:2) and Italy (0:0, 1:2). Having passed North Macedonia (2:0, 3:2) and Malta (1:0, 3:1) without loss, Rebrov's team shared the second place with Italy, but settled for the 3rd place due to the result of individual games. All hopes rest on the playoffs. Here too, difficult times await Ukraine. In the match in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the "blue-yellows" who were upset by an own goal, were defeated until 6 minutes before the referee's final whistle. But the comeback with two goals in the last minutes saved Germany's chance. The decisive match against Iceland also played out in a similar scenario. After conceding a goal in the first 45 minutes, Ukraine equalized the score after the break, and rejoiced at the comeback with a goal leading to EURO-2024 in the last minutes.

The 4th challenge
EURO-2024 will be the 4th final stage of the continental championships for the Ukrainian national team. The team, which participated in the competition for the first time in 2012, has been a regular participant of the tournament since then. The biggest success of the "blue-yellows", who stayed in the group in their first two attempts, happened at EURO-2020. At that time, he advanced to the national quarter-finals. The first such success in the history of Ukraine happened in 2006. At that time, the eight strongest teams in the world championship could not reach the final stage of the world championships in the following years.

Matches of the Ukrainian national team in the group:
June 17. Romania - Ukraine
June 21. Slovakia - Ukraine
June 26. Ukraine – Belgium

It should be noted that group E meetings will be held in 5 different cities - Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich and Düsseldorf.

Vugar Kheyrullayev