New record in Premier League: The weakest score

25 April 2024 09:24
New record in Premier League: The weakest score

A new record was registered in the English Premier League. reports that Sheffield United recorded the weakest score in history in the number of goals conceded in one season.

This was made official in the meeting with Manchester United of the XXIX round. The representative of Sheffield lost with a score of 2:4.

With that, the number of goals scored by the outsider reached 92. That's a record for 20-team, 38-game seasons. In the 2007/08 season, Derby County conceded 89 balls.

The anti-record of 42-game seasons belongs to Swansea. The Welsh team conceded 100 goals in the 1993/94 season.

It should be noted that Sheffield United is in the last place with 16 points after 34 games.