Arif Asadov: "This was unexpected for Neftchi"

22 April 2024 16:27
Arif Asadov: "This was unexpected for Neftchi"

"I consider the result of the Qarabag-Gabala match as a surprise."

The Azerbaijan national team coach, Arif Asadov told to

He evaluated the XXXI round of the Azerbaijan Premier League. The experienced expert said that since Qarabag has won the championship, their players are motivated to come out with ease: "This also affects the result. It is necessary to appreciate the determination of Gabala that from the first minute they showed a desire to get a good result. In the end, they achieved their goals."

According to Asadov, Turan Tovuz - Sumgayit (1:4) aroused greater interest: "Both teams were close in terms of points in the tournament table. The game started tensely from the first minutes and the fate of the match was decided by Sumgayit scoring two goals in a row. Such a game of the guests resulted in the change of the tactical scheme of Turan-Tovuz. At this time, they rushed forward to score and gave spaces. Sumgayit also made good use of this and won a deserved victory."

He said that the match Zira - Neftchi (3:1) was interesting in terms of status: "These teams are fighting for the second place. The first half of the game was evenly matched. However, the course of the match in the next 45 minutes showed that whichever team scored would win. Although the fact that Zira is in the minority increases the chances of Neftchi, we see the opposite. The representative of the region effectively used this minority and scored two balls. This was unexpected for Neftchi and created certain gaps. The opposing team also made some changes. Rashad Sadygov achieved what he wanted by releasing fast players.”

Stating that the match between Araz-Nakhchivan and Sabail (0:2) was tense, coach Elmar Bakhshiyev explained the reason for not being able to win after the arrival: "Nakhchivan players came to the game to win this time. It was possible to see this from the first minutes of the match. Sabail did not want to be left behind in the European zone because it did not win in the last rounds. Although Araz-Nakhchivan gained the advantage in the first minutes of the game, later the opponent created a balance. Sabail took full initiative by scoring the first goal. No matter how hard Araz-Nakhchivan tried, they could not get the desired result.”

It should be noted that the match between Qarabag and Gabala ended with a score of 2:2.

Banuchichek Huseynli