Jeyhun Sultanov: "It will be better if Rashad Sadygov leaves"

19 April 2024 15:57
Jeyhun Sultanov: "It will be better if Rashad Sadygov leaves"

"Rashad Sadygov is one of our promising coaches."

Jeyhun Sultanov, a former football player of the Azerbaijan national team, told

He commented on Rashad Sadygov's opinion that he can consider if there is an offer from outside the country, especially from Russian and Turkish leagues. According to Sultanov, whether Zira wins the right to participate in the Europa League or not, it would be more appropriate for the former captain of the national team to work on the sidelines: "I think he is young and can do great things in the future. If Rashad does, it will be good for him and the football community. I just didn't want Gurban Gurbanov to leave. Because they are in different places. Gurbanov has been the head coach of Qarabag for 16 years and has established a certain structure. I didn't want it to fall apart either. But Sadigov can go and try himself abroad. If he takes such a step, I think it may be the right choice."

It should be noted that Rashad Sadygov has been coaching Zira since the summer of 2020.

Banuchichek Huseynli