Andrey Lunev: "Criticisms do not affect me at all"

16 April 2024 14:18
Andrey Lunev: "Criticisms do not affect me at all"

"It is clear that in Russia they follow Qarabag little and do not know how it shows itself in Europe. It is a stereotypical thought to consider it a tragedy that it was a second-tier team and that I moved there from Bayer. These criticisms do not affect me at all." reports that this was said by the goalkeeper of Qarabag Andrey Lunev.

In an interview with, the Russian international responded to those who were negative about his transfer to the Azerbaijani club: "People have their own opinion and it can be different. If they say something to my face, it affects me. No one has done it."

Lunev explained his main tasks in the transition to Qarabag: "I did not aim to prove something to anyone. My main task was to return to the field, which I'm glad was achieved. Because I had such thoughts that I wonder if the injuries will not return again? Time showed that everything was in order. We had a schedule of games every 3-4 days. I coped well with that. It should be understood that in Azerbaijan we play on artificial surfaces, not all of which are of good quality. The transition from natural to artificial, from good to bad did not stop. My second task was to show on the field what I had won at Bayer. I wanted to check what I had learned and see if I could use it. I wouldn't say everything was great, but sometimes it was good. Better is always possible."

Andrey noted that although they were close to defeating Bayer in the last-16 finals of the Europa League, it was sad that they could not pass the stage: the game with Bayer ended with bitter sadness. It was a mixture of disappointment, regret, all negative feelings. Teammates gathered in one room and talked. We had 3-4 hours to the airport."

It should be noted that Lunev moved from Bayer to Qarabag in the summer of 2023.