Record will be shattered at the Baku World Cup

18 April 2024 16:49
Record will be shattered at the Baku World Cup

"So far, 81 countries have registered to participate in the World Cup to be held in Baku."

Emin Jafarov, general secretary of the Azerbaijan Shooting Federation, told

He said that a record will be set at the World Cup for shooting and shooting to be held in Baku. According to Jafarov, despite the fact that the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games are only a short time away, the number of countries that will compete in the competition is quite large: "Usually when we held the World Cup, about 70 countries participated. But this time the number is a very high indicator for both us and the World Cup. I would even say that this is a record. Based on the information received today, 693 athletes will participate in this competition. Of course, the number can increase."
The Secretary General emphasized that according to the preliminary list, Azerbaijan is planned to participate in the competition with 37 snipers: "However, our full list is not ready yet."

Jafarov also emphasized that the World Cup that will be held this time will be different from the previous ones: "This time, the athletes will try their luck twice in the 25-meter pistol and 50-meter rifle competitions. Overall this is our first experience. Before us, at the World Cup held in Granada, Spain, the target was only 10 meters away. The reason for this was the lack of financial expenses for the teams. They asked us to hold competitions in the World Cup that are not organized in Spain.

The opening ceremony of the World Cup will be held on May 2. However, for now, negotiations are underway regarding the location.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan will host the World Cup for the 8th time, which will be held at the Baku Shooting Center from May 1 to 12.

Banuchichek Huseynli