13 records distinguishing the World Cup in Baku

29 August 2023 23:05
13 records distinguishing the World Cup in Baku

The 53rd World Shooting Championship held in Baku is coming to an end. Records are one of the interesting points of the World Cup, which is held in tense conditions.

Until August 29, 7 new records were registered during the tournament. In 6 species, the absolute result was repeated.
In particular, Li Yuehong, who won the gold medal in the men’s 25-meter pistol rapid fire event, set a historic record. He achieved this by making 39 of a possible 40 shots.

The USA team scored 1774 points and became the owner of a new world record in the 50-meter 3-point shooting competition among women. North Americans improved the previous indicator by 19 points.

The US women's team has also set a new record in the shooting range. The trio of Austin Jewell Smith, Dania Jo Vitsi and Samantha Simonton achieved this by scoring 365 points.

The representatives of the USA also set a record in the mixed team type of round stand shooting. The pair of Austin Jewell Smith and Vincent Hancock scored 149 points in the qualifying round and achieved this feat.

The Swiss became the record holder in the mixed team type of the 50-meter shooting competition. The pair of Chiara Leone and Jan Loxbihler scored a total of 1249.7 points.

One of the memorable athletes of the Baku World Cup was 19-year-old Chinese Qiongyu Zhang. Although she is young, she participated in the competition with adults and won the gold medal in the women’s 50-meter shooting from 3 positions. The young shooter, who broke the world record in the qualification stage, also achieved it in the final.

The number of repeated records is more. In the men’s 25-meter rapid fire pistol competition, the Chinese team reached the latest record by collecting 1,756 points.

In the women’s 25m pistol shooting competition, Doren Vennekamp repeated the record with a possible 40 points.
60-year-old Raymond Debevech, who won a gold medal in the 300-meter long shot, became the world champion for the 3rd time and repeated the world record by scoring a maximum of 600 points.

The Italian women's team in the pit shooting category repeated the world record by scoring a record 354 points.
2 athletes achieved this success in men’s round shooting. US representative Vincent Hancock and Egyptian Azmi Mehelba managed to collect all possible 125 points.

According to the International Federation of Shooting Sports, no such record has been recorded in any world shooting championship.