Ukrainian fighter: "I make myself at home in Azerbaijan"

4 November 2023 21:30
Ukrainian fighter: "I make myself at home in Azerbaijan"

""Rizin" is an excellent and top level organization". reports that this was said by Vladislav Rudniyev (71 kg), who won the "Landmark 7" International Tournament of "Rizin" in Baku.

The Ukrainian, who defeated Ilyar Askharov (Kazakhstan), said that he had problems during the match: "I did not think that the opponent's physical fitness would be so high. I had problems in the second round. My father changed tactics as my coach. I continued until the end and won."

Rudniyev spoke about the organization and his future plans: "Azerbaijan surprised me a lot. Good country, you have nice people. I make myself at home. My future fight depends on the organization. I have always liked Japan very much. I started with judo. Each of my victories was difficult. My favorite movie is The Last Samurai. I will fight until the end, just like there."

It should be noted that the main fight of the "Landmark 7" Tournament will be held between Vugar Karamov and Chihiro Suzuki (Japan).

Emin Aga