Koji Takeda: "We were welcomed very kindly in Azerbaijan"

2 November 2023 14:37
Koji Takeda: "We were welcomed very kindly in Azerbaijan"

"I am ready to fight. It's true, it's not usual, because the tournament is being held in Azerbaijan for the first time."

Idman.biz reports that Japanese athlete Koji Takeda said this at a press conference on the eve of the "Landmark 7" tournament.

He said that his Asian opponent, who will face Tofig Musayev, is experienced, but he is not afraid of it: "I will show my strength in the fight. It is very fast, I will try not to give up on it in this case. I enjoy MMA, that's why I'm back. But I took a break for a while. The most important goal is to win this tournament, then I want to continue in the UFC. Of course, Musayev is a professional fighter, I think I will have a hard fight with him. But thanks to the support of my relatives and family, I will win.

Koji commented on the tournament being held in Baku: "Usually the tournament was held in Japan, and now I understand how it was for our opponents. The difficulties are that the walls here are foreign to me and a lot of energy and time is wasted due to flights. But I am grateful to the people here, because they welcomed us very kindly in Azerbaijan."

It should be noted that the fight between Rofig Musayev and Koji Takeda will be held on November 4 at the National Gymnastics Arena.

Shabnam Rahimova